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How To Draw Christmas Tree

No New Year-themed drawing can be complete without a Christmas tree. Christmas trees can be drawn in many different ways, the key is to mind the proportions of branches and needles. A Christmas tree should be symmetrical and have beautiful downy needles. Drawing a Christmas tree is easy, but in this lesson I would like to offer you a step by step instruction on how to paint a neat and beautiful Christmas tree in pencil evenly. At the last stage, you can colour the drawing easily.

To draw a beautiful Christmas tree, decorate the top with a star and add lots of bright balls and other decorations. To create festive atmosphere of New Year, draw Santa Claus and The Snow Maiden near the Christmas tree. Such lessons are also present on the website.

1. Drawing a Christmas tree. Outlining the basic shape.

The Christmas tree will have appropriate shape if you outline it first. Draw the figure as shown. The tree shape will be even and neat if you draw a line right in the middle of the figure. It will make the trunk and help you align other elements. To draw 3D branches and needles, you should make a corner that sticks out at the bottom.

2. Outline the branches and needles.

As the Christmas tree is covered with needles completely, it’s not necessary to draw the branches. Still, if you want your picture to be beautiful and even, outline the figures that will help you align the ‘hidden’ branches.

3. Drawing branches in detail.

The real Christmas tree that you will bring home does not look exactly like the one we’re drawing. Our aim is to draw a symmetrical and nice Christmas tree, decorate it and add some appropriate environment details. That is why our tree will be schematic and feature symmetrical sharp branches on each side. Draw branches, aligning with the central line, thus making it look downy and beautiful.

4. Add some details.

Hatch randomly the space between the edges and the middle of the Christmas tree. Try to make them symmetrical on both sides. Do not press too much while drawing, since we are going to colour it at the last stage.

5. Finishing the Christmas tree.

At this stage we are to make the tree features look distinct. Use a sharp and hard pencil to draw as many basic shape lines as possible. The tree will be beautiful if you make the branches symmetrical. Now the drawing is almost complete. All that is left to do is to decorate it and add a star at the top.

6. Decorating the Christmas tree.

No Christmas tree is complete without decoration! We definitely should add some bright decorations and colour the needles green, of course. You can also draw gift boxes under the tree and add environment to the picture, if you feel like it.


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