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How To Decorate Wine Glasses

Both adults and children can use glitter. You can decorate glasses for a costume party, bachelorette party; they can also make a great gift. Once you have decorated the glasses, you should fix the glitter in order to prevent them from falling in the sink or the dishwasher during washing.


1. Purchase wine glasses. You can find inexpensive options in supermarkets and second-hand stores.

2. Buy favorite color glitter, glue for decoupage (optimally — Mod Pod), brush and top-coat spray. This spray is quite difficult to buy, but we need it to make glitter water-resistant.

3. Prepare the workplace. Cover the table with cardboard or paper. If you do so, when the work is finished, you would be able to gather poured glitter back into the container using a funnel.

Decorating Glasses

1. Make a sketch of the desired design. Below are some popular decorating schemes for glasses:

2. Using a tape mark the spots you will decorate. Cover the space you won’t decorate with tape and apply glue on the rest of the glass. Use wrapping paper or paper towels to protect the remaining glasses’ parts from glitter.

3. Open the glue jar. Scoop glue with a brush, wiping the excess. Apply a thick layer of glue on the spots that will be decorated.

4. Sprinkle the glued spots with glitter. You will need a lot of glitter, but be sure to protect the workplace with cardboard. Turn the glass around while decorating it in order to achieve an even thickness.

5. Leave the glass dry for about an hour. Then remove the tape. You can repeat the process with glitter of different color, then you will need to cover the glass and dry sparkling layer with tape and wrapping paper one more time.

6. Let the last layer dry for 12 hours. It should not be sticky when you will cover it with top-coat.

Fixing Glitter

1. If possible, let your glasses dry in the open air. Prepare the work surface, covering it with a newspaper or a cloth.

2. Don’t remove tape and wrapping paper. Unfold the edge of the tape close to glitter.

3. Shake the top-coat spray following the instructions. Usually you want to shake it for half a minute or a minute.

4. Spray the top-coat on the surface covered with glitter. Keep the spray at least 7 inches from the glass to avoid large drops.

5. Let the coat dry. Then apply the second coat. Refer to the instructions on the package to determine when you can apply the second layer.

6. After the glasses have dried completely, you can use them. They can be washed in a dishwasher, but it's better to wash them manually.


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