Angela Hawkins

How To Decorate A Dining Room

The dining room is a place where friends and family gather, however this does not happen every day. If you decorate your dining room properly, guests will like it in there and you will set the tone for the whole house.


1. Place a table along one wall. Be sure to leave enough space between the table and chairs so that people can easily move around. When the table is not used, you can decorate it with a tea set, flowerpots or a big dish.

2. Hang a large mirror above the table to reflect light from chandeliers or other lighting devices. Thus, the room will be lighter, and you will emphasize the beauty of special lighting in the dining room.

3. Put a small table with a lamp next to the window or a door opening. You can use the lamp for lunch when you are tired of bright light.

4. You can decorate the walls with sconces hanging at the eye level. You can either use real candles to achieve a dramatic effect, or leave them as they are just for décor.

5. Install the large antique bookcase in the corner of the room. Fill it with Chinese tableware, ceramics and other decorative objects, which are rarely used.

6. You can focus on one of the walls, hanging shelves with figurines and decorating it with mirrors. Abstract paintings, photos or a collection of Chinese tableware can also be used as decoration.

7. You can change the location of the dinner table depending on the season.

8. You can renew the chairs’ upholstery to make them match the curtains, and select matching napkin rings. Use bright, juicy catching the eye colors.

9. Use plates and coasters to accentuate the design: Use square plates for a round table or try to gather all colors used in the room in one place, for example, on the table.

10. Instead of a tablecloth, you can use a large piece of fabric. Make folds. The fabric may have a specific print for a greater effect.

11. Consider different materials for decorating the walls in the dining room. You can use stone, Venetian plaster; and complete the design with accessories.


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