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How To Decorate A Porch

A porch is an essential part of any house’s façade. If there is a private house, a porch has an important meaning. It serves not only its main aim, but it is also an additional decorative element of the façade and the house’s exterior. An entrance decorated in a unique way will match the architecture, the colours and the style of a house.

For the decoration of the porch, you’ll need to use the same materials and colours that you used when decorating the façade of your house.

Sometimes, some elements of the house’s inner decoration may be repeated in the decoration of the porch. For example, if there was wood or stone used for decorating the façade, you may use the same wood or stone construction for decorating the porch. The colours are, very often, the same colours that were used for the exterior of the whole house.

The Base Of The Porch

A porch may have a high or a low base. If there is a high base, then, the porch is usually made in the form of the stairs. These stairs are reveted with tiles, ceramic granite, processed wood or natural stone:

The base of the porch is constructed low if basement part of the house is low. 2 or 3 stairs will be enough in this case. The wideness and the form of the stairs depend on how big the façade is and how big the total area of the porch is:

A porch without a base is not the safest variant for a house. It can be done so only if the building is located on a thick, safe ground. In this case, the porch has only a decorative function and there are concrete plates or walkway slabs used for its decoration:

A Veranda – Porch

A small area in front of your house may be used as a continuation of your porch. A veranda will not only protect your porch from rain, it will also be a place for having a rest and enjoying fresh air. The best variant for decorating a veranda is folding doors that will protect you from wind or rain:

A porch that is a summer open terrace may be quite spacious. You may put there not only cozy armchairs, but also swings.

If the area in front of the house is not that big, then a cozy and comfortable terrace may serve as an entrance to your house. If all elements are monochromic and there are no bright decorations, your terrace will look even more beautiful and the area of the porch will look visually more spacious.

An Entrance Door

In case when the entrance of the house is decorated quite lowly (there aren’t too much decorations and everything is of the same colour), an unusual design of the entrance door will add variety into the exterior. The doors of contrasting colours that have a unique configuration is a bright spot on the background of the monochromic porch.

A Porch With Canopy

A canopy as well as the porch itself serves its main function. However, if you use a creative approach, the roof above the entrance to the house may become a picturesque accessory or a final stroke in the house’s exterior:

If the canopy makes the bizarre design of the roof look complete, then, such a canopy serves more to its decorative function than to its main function. There will be minimal protection from sun and rain:

You may make your canopy wide and profound so that it covers the majority of the territory near house and protects you well from acts of nature. Family cars can easily be put under such a roof:

The Lightning Of The Porch

During the dark time of a day, the porch and a nearby area of a private house should have a good lightning. This way it will be comfortable and safe. What lightning devices should be chosen depends on the style of the house.

A hanging lamp may be hanged above the entrance door. You may put street luminodiode devices of a matching style and configuration along the path that leads to the porch:

Several similar looking wall lamps with their light directed down will make not only the entrance to your house, but also a part of a nearby area of the house look especially charming.

A Path To The House

Paths that lead to the porch match the style and the colours used in the design of the house. Concrete slabs will do to make them:

In case if the house is located a bit higher than the main area, you’d better make the paths to the porch in the form of the stairs. This way it will be much easier to get up to the house and go down.

Glass And Metallic Constructions

Constructions made out of glass and metal look rather unusual when acting as the decoration of the façade. On the background of such a façade, a porch with metal or glass elements will look spectacular and harmonious. However, such decoration is not always safe and pragmatic since dirty is very often quite obvious on a glass and this material is not as safe as stone or concrete.

Fencing in the form of light metal handrails makes the porch look complete and creates a feeling of being safe and protected on the part of those people who live in the house.

Landscape Design In Front Of A House

The area 9in front of the entrance to the house is often decorated with various green planting. Since there is a territory in front of a private house, there is no limitation as to the choice of the landscape design. However, flowers and bushes shouldn’t be different from the overall style, colours and shades of colours used for the façade.

The porch decorated with the help of various colours at once way implies that there are lawns and flowerbeds of the matching bright colours. Such a porch fascinates due to its natural beauty and speaks about the hospitality of its hosts:

A porch of a private house will be a unique-looking and impossible-to-reproduce part of the house if you keep in mind several simple recommendations:

  1. The materials you use to decorate the entrance of the house should match the overall style of the exterior’s decorations;
  2. The base of the porch should match the base of the house;
  3. The canopy above the porch will protect your porch from the acts of nature and will make it look unique;
  4. The design of the landscape in front of the house serves not only to its esthetical function; it clears the air on the area of the house;
  5. When you are choosing the elements for the decoration of the porch, you should keep in mind that apart from being beautiful, they should be pragmatic.


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