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How To Cook Corned Beef

A tasty appetizer to go with borsch or an alternative to canape, or just a homemade delicacy – homemade corned pork. It is quick and very easy to cook.

Many people believe that homemade corned pork is the best delicacy, which you can indulge yourself with in any season. Such lard should be stored in a fridge or cellar, and it is ready after salting on day 7-8. It is incomparably wonderful with a slice of black bread or with borsch!


  • pork bacon — 3 kg.;
  • salt — 200 g.;
  • garlic — 5 cloves;
  • bay leaf — 10 pcs.;
  • black pepper — to taste.

How To Cook

1. Getting the final product is quite easy. You can make such corned meat for winter. Young pork is more preferable for making juicy tender corned pork.

2. Bacon with layers of meat would be perfect. Rinse the meat and dry it with paper towels or leave it to dry. Rub the meat with salt and add garlic. You should cut the garlic in small pieces. It is better to do this all in an enamel container.

3. Put black pepper and bay leaves between the layers. Then cover it with a plate and put some weight on the top. Put the preparation in a cold place for 3 days. In the process of salting meat will begin excreting juice. You must necessarily pour it out, and on the day 4 you should rinse salt off. Put the rinsed corned meat in jars and cover with capron lids. Now you can put the jars in the collar or in the fridge.

4. The lard becomes tasty, juicy and flavorful. If you slice it thin, you can make canape, or you can just eat it with borsch or as an independent delicacy.


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