My Philosophy

JEWELRY WITH SPIRIT: That's what I strive for, every time I sit at my jeweler's bench. I love making jewelry and with every piece, my intent is to create a personal exchange between the object and its wearer. If a piece speaks to you, I've been successful!! I am a passionate jewelry maker. I create wearable avant-garde artistic jewelry which beautifully reflects originality, simplicity, clean design lines and form of each single piece. Every detail is timeless in its perfection. I focus my own innate creativity and stand out with my creations. I do not "borrow" inspirations from other artists nor from shop windows.

THE SECOND GLANCE: The simple things hold always a surprise. They are never only that for which they were originally created for. One can discover its versatility only at a SECOND GLANCE : Is a stone really just a stone or you can use it for other purposes too?  I've discovered much for myself in the little things which were actually produced for industry and for construction. I use them for jewelry and see the BEAUTY IN SIMPLICITY.  I also like the surprise effect, the DISCOVERY at a SECOND GLANCE (wow, ooh,aah, OMG!), when people recognize what the jewelry piece was made from. And I can assure you that great compliments then follow! You can find more of my exquisite jewelry creations at my FB Fan Page: or in my website:


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