Maya Richardson

How To Make A Vision Board

The vision board represents a collage from images, pictures and statements with the desires and everything that makes you happy. It is also possible to call it a dream board, a treasure map or the card of desires. Cards of desires are an excellent way to feel positively and are useful if you on life use the law of an attraction.

1. Decide on the main subject of your vision board. It can be something concrete that you want to reach or receive, or it can be the general thought of all that makes you happy.

2. Find pictures which correspond to your subject. It can be pictures from old magazines, photos or images from the Internet.

3. Unpack (if necessary) and cut out your pictures.

4. Print or write several affirmation corresponding to your subject.

5. Paste the photos and statements on a Whatman paper and attach to the board.

6. Hang up the vision board where you will see her every day.

7. Look through the board, at least, once a day and concentrate attention on objects, statements and subjects of the board.


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