Hope Morrison

How To Make A Succulent Terrarium

To make a terrarium yourself you will need to prepare a glass container, soil suitable for plants, charcoal, coarse sand, pebble or othrr material for drainage, which you can buy in a flower shop. Choose high quality plants: succulents and cacti.

There must be drainage on the bottom of the glass containers. To make it, creatr a layer of pebble or crock (convex side up), then put small pieces of bricks or concrete, charcoal, and a 1-2 cm thick layer of coarse sand.

Drainage is ready, now you can pour soil in. For working with soil, cover the table surface with papers or polyethylene so that it is easy to clean soil off.

Plant several succulents and cacti in the prepared containers. To make the composition interesting, use plants of various shape, size and color.


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