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How To Decorate Walls

Do you think that a wall is just a surface to be painted or covered with wallpapers? Then you are wasting the decorative capacity of walls! We will teach how to decorate the space using simple materials that are always at handy.


Do you think this is a banal object, good only to tidy you hair before leaving home? Actually, the mirror can become an art-object, especially if you use the favorite designer method of multiple repetitions. Maybe you have inherited from your grandma a collection of hand mirrors — why don’t you decorate the walls with them? Use them to embellish the walls in the bedroom or bathroom.

Wall Clocks

Despite the fact that “time flies when you're having fun” you should not neglect wall clocks. Hang few clocks with different hour zones, and you'll know that your friend in New York is going to work, your aunt in Paris has already started to prepare dinner or it is not too late to call the relatives.

Decorative Plates

Now it is the kitchen turn: how to decorate walls in there? The most appropriate decor is at hand. Make a collage of plates from the old sets or hang up pots, pans, spoons and cutting boards. For a collage, select plates of different sizes but in the same colors. You can hang them randomly or in strict geometrical order.


Framed pictures of loved ones or photos from the last vacation on the walls look very homelike? Think wider, you can just hang empty frames. If you wish, you can paint them all in one color or group by the form, or on the contrary, use every frame in the house. However, try to make a nice composition and avoid “the museum effect”. Step-by-step instructions for hanging pictures on the wall are available there:

Posters, Paintings

How to embellish walls in the children’s room, if your children are fine artists? Of course with his works: make a homemade exhibition. The children will be able to follow how their works improve, and you will be able to boast their talents before the guests.

Items From Your Collection

We will tell you a small secret: you can use anything you like to decorate the walls. This decor is unexpensive and easy to change. Moreover, you will be the owner of a unique wall design featuring your old skis, tennis rackets or a collection of bus tickets from different cities of the world.


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