Anastasia Salazar

How To Cook Crab

Usually people eat crabs at restaurants and very rarely buy them and cook at home. Fortunately, it is not so difficult to cook a crab. Besides, preparing the food yourself, you tend to cook a more healthy meal for your family, and you know what ingredients you put there. So go to the store, buy fresh crabs and read this article on how to cook them.


Buy a crab. Better a live one.

Boil water. Depending on the amount of product, you may need to a 20 liters pot. It will take you quite a time to boil the water, especially if you have an electric stove.

Clean the crab. Some prefer to cook live crabs, but in this case, you will have to clean out all the guts when it’s cooked. Some clean crabs immediately after they are captured, directly on the boat, breaking the shell in half and removing it and guts.

Some salt water.

Ventilate! Cooking crabs generates unpleasant smell, so think about ventilation. It is even better to cook them outdoors.

Put crab in the pot. It takes about eight minutes to cook a medium-sized crab. Cooking king crabs will require more time.

When the crab is ready, cool it down. Be careful because some of the juices inside the crab are boiling as well.

Crack the crab. If you don't have tongs for crabs, use pliers. Be especially careful with pliers cracking the king crab.

Add a big portion of garlic butter and enjoy.


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