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How to make a paper airplane?

The use of paper modeling in child evolution is unique, despite its simplicity. Working with paper makes a person sit-in, decisive, wise and balanced. It develops creative mentality.

You can take a child for a long time in the country, enjoy the process, and then enjoy the result with your child.

Surprisingly, this type of class “tightens” not only children but their parents. It's always nice to feel like a kid and make some kind of paper miracle with your own hands.

In this article, we will describe how to make a paper airplane that is flying for a long time, give a detailed instruction modeling of a simple and complex model.

How to begin this nice class?

The children like to make airplanes from the school notebook and fly them at a break, watching the flight. In the origami technique, there are many variants and forms of this design, starting with the simplest and ending with complex models. Even a three-year-old child can make paper airplanes. However, everyone ought to follow several rules. It is necessary for a paper figure to have good aerodynamic properties (long flying):

  • Successfully completed planes fly far. The range of flight will depend on the quality of “composing”. The airplane should be long and narrow (it can fly for a long time and overcome long distances). The center of gravity is better placed closer to the bow of the design;

  • The aircraft will last in flight longer if the paper will be easy. Prefer paper with average density indicators (e.g., newspapers). A thin paper airplane will not be a durable product;

  • Do not hurry when making it. Each bend must be equal and symmetrical in relation to another. A “fast-handed” job will not show a good result. Because paper modeling is a hobby for the attentive people;

  • When you are designing an airplane you must pay particular attention to its wings and tail. The wings must be the same. The timing of the airplane's flight will depend on the tail made up properly;

  • One of the main points in maintaining the length of the flight of a paper airplane is its center of gravity. Heightens the front of the model with supplementary folds of paper;

  • Also very important is where exactly you will steal your plane. Of course, it's better to do this in the room. And on the street, the wind will interfere with the normal flight.

It is notable to know that each of paper airplane instructions affects, firstly, on the appearance and model of the aircraft and on the features of its flight.

All the schemes presented in this article you will make with your own hands at home, and for this, you need a piece of paper, patience, and a scheme.

So how to make a plane that can fly 100 meters?

The ability to make up the paper resembles the focus - a simple sheet of birth is a wonderful figure in a few minutes. The lesson does not require any material expenses; it is absolutely safe even for young children. Origami makes it possible to create a world without special abilities. This hobby develops spatial imagination, small motor skills, motor and spatial memory, the concentration of attention, communicative and game abilities, world outlook, creative skills. The following paper circuits will help you make original, unusual airplanes.

You can take an ordinary newspaper in a self-made product; the airplane will fly well enough. If the aesthetic side of the product is important for you too, then you will need pencils, markers, watercolors, and stickers. Make your own design; it will bring a lot of pleasure to you and your child in the process of origami.

  1. Classic paper plane

You can start the acquaintance with origami aircraft of a simple model.

  • In a sheet of white paper of A4 format, it is necessary to bend the left and right edges to the middle.

  • Expand the sheet.

  • Left upper corner of the plane bend towards the center of the bend.

  • Bend the right upper corner the same way.

  • Bend the whole plane now in the middle. You ought to see the triangle.

  • Expand the plane.

  • Now bend the edges so that they will be wings. The classic paper plane model is ready.

  1. More complex scheme

  • Bend a sheet of paper in half.

  • Expand the sheet again; twist the two upper corners along the bend.

  • Place the corners to the middle again.

  • Bend the top triangle twice by bending it down.

  • Fold the bottom triangle a little in the middle. It looks like a pocket. (Such a blanket for an airplane should come out).

  • Pull the workpiece in half.

  • Sharpen the “wings”. Punch the nose of the airplane well. It is very important to smooth all corners. An airplane that is flying 100 meters is ready for battle!

  1. The combat aircraft

Now let's proceed to the third model, designed for a long flight and a slow, gradual decrease. Landing is unhurried and very neat. The pilot of such an aircraft should be experienced. So, let's get started with a fighter plane with your own hands!

  • Make a sheet of paper in half, work the bending line and roll it out again.

  • Fold two upper corners of the plane.

  • Extend the work and bend the corners again to the center.

  • Turn the product over and expand the corners of the spout.

  • Fold the corner with the spout down.

  • Half the curved corner bends up.

  • Now flatten the wings of the plane from the paper.

  • Remember that symmetrical wings are the key to a well-flying paper plane!

All children worship to make toys with their own hands, especially popular among them are toys from paper. First, the art of drawing up paper does not require any expenses, and secondly, it is the safest admiration for any kid.

So, now you can make a good paper airplane and do a nice toy for your child, can’t you? All that you need is the sheet of paper and maybe any pencils, markers and so on. It would be desirable to hope that this article answered the question that disturbs you. It does not matter whether you are an adult or a child. After all, such aircraft can become a five-minute break at work. You can make several planes, to paint them or make from a colored paper. And then you may arrange competitions with friends in the yard or in the apartment or even at the office with your colleagues.

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