DIY stuff from coffee beans

Picture made of coffee, which you made with your own hands, will make your kitchen beautiful and cozy. And to create such a mini-masterpiece you need to prepare:

a sheet of cardboard (size 33 cm by 24 cm); 
a piece of burlap; 
buckwheat and coffee beans. 

Course of work: 
1. First it is necessary to cut out a burlap rectangle, which for a couple of centimeters will be more than a cardboard sheet. The burlap is tucked and glued to the back of the cardboard. To make the picture look neat, the burlap before work is ironed with an iron. 
2. When you have glued the base for sacking, it is worth waiting for it to dry out. 
3. Now it's time to draw a coffee frame for the picture. In order to get the frame you need to measure 2 cm from the edge of the picture from all sides. First we use a simple pencil and draw lines to them. 
4. If you draw a line, then in the middle of the burlap, draw a cup with a saucer. At what the size of the cup can be different.
5. When the sketch is ready, now we gradually past the picture with coffee beans. First you need to glue a cup and saucer. 
6. When the cup is pasted, then proceed to pasting the frame. 
7. If the picture is ready, decorate it with a badge. Hook it in the corner of your craft. 

Crafts from coffee beans step by step 

A clock made of coffee beans

If you like decorating your house with various designer handicrafts, then you, for sure, will like this original handmade clock. On a tight cardboard glue in a circular order some coffee beans. We use glue for this purpose. As soon as the grains dries, make a hole, insert the arrows there and attach the numbers. You will also need glue for this purpose. Make numbers for the clock yourself. Use a thick cardboard for this. Paint it in golden color, and above put the numbers. 

Funny horses

As a basis, a strong cardboard in the form of horse figures is used here. From the top to the cardboard glue the grain, after which glue to the horses facial features, legs from the wire. 
Advice! In this craft, eyes, mouth and nose are created from polymer clay. 

A frame for a photo of coffee beans

Save your most memorable moments in the photos. And keep pictures better in interesting photo frames. Decorate your photo frame handmade with coffee beans. Such a photo frame will make the interior of your house nicer and more interesting. Simply glue the coffee beans to the photo frame, and in the end, cover the entire artwork with varnish. You can also use beads to decorate the frame.


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