DIY heart with candies

If you are in love and looking for something that will help you share your feelings with this special person - such handmade gift could be just the right thing to prepare! Try yourself to make a big heart of sweets and present it to your beloved person. It is very simple and fun. And what is the most important - such handmade gift sure will be a pleasure for anyone!

In this post you will find a step-by-step master-class of sweet craftsas well as a photo of hearts from sweets

Materials which you will need:


double sided tape;

corrugated cardboard;

- stapler;

wide satin ribbon;


It is desirable to take a very tight cardboardso under weight of candies heart won't bend. Size of your handmade heart depends on dimensions of cardboardas well as number of sweets.

Draw a heart on cardboardand cut it out along the contourYou can fill all workpiece completely or cut one more heart in the central partSee band width is at least 10 cmotherwise your candy can just not fit.

Take satin ribbon and sew it from two sides with a stitch seamTapesshould be enough to cover your workpiece in the shape of a heartAttach tape to edges of heartas shown in photo and tighten

To tape does not fall offfix it with a stapler on both sides of the tape. Decorate the inner part of your handmade heartIn order to paste candyyou will need to use two-sided tapeCut it into pieces which are equal to the length or width of candyAfter it will be necessary to remove protective layer of scotch and apply your sweets to itIt is not necessary to use same candies

Give your handmade gift a note to make it personaly. Make sure during gluing your sweets to handmade heart that there were no empty places. You can also write wishes on back of handmade heartA sweet gift will be remembered for a long timeand beautiful words will be a good addition to it.


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