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Today's workshop I prepared especially for creative people, who are always eager to find as many creative and unusual ideas for home decor, or other handmade crafts! How about to make a very cool decoration for the interior? Namely - the bedside table out of ... wooden cuts!

- a plastic or wooden box
- old chair legs 
- wooden cuts of different diameter
- a couple of cork panels
- a paint
- a saw
- a glue gun

First you need to take a few branches that need to be dried, clean them if they have some moss, bark or knots (optional). Then you need to cut them into several pieces: both, the thinner ones branches, and the thicker ones. It is advisable make their height equal to each other, if you want that the sides of your bedside table will be equal as well.

Now we proceed to painting the box - choose any color you like and apply a thin layer of paint inside the container. You can also cover it from outside.

You then need to attach legs to your table. By the way, you can even make a shelf in it - paint it in any color and with the help of fasteners secure it inside the box.
Using hot glue, you need to attach cork panels on top of the table and shelve. Now you only have to glue cut twigs on the sides of the table and it is ready, so that you can put into it various books, vases and put it in a convenient place!

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