Helga Pataki

Beautiful Beaded Spiders

Spiders can be cute!

Yeah, like this but we don’t actually mean these little cute spidies wearing a drop of water as their hat. Our beautiful spiders are made from colorful beads of different size and jewelry wire, and you will love them from the first sight! Also, Halloween is near, so why not wear something that is both scary and pretty, right? They’re even not just decorative object, they’re piece of art! And they’re really easy to make with your own hands.

You will need:

- Beads of different size and colours. Just choose the design of the spider, then take one big bead for the body and a smaller one for the head. Then take some small long beads and seed beads to decorate the legs. Mind that the design of the legs has to be similar as long as you don’t want to get completely different result and get a spider with different legs. All in all, your spider – your rules :)

-  Jewelry wire

- Wire cutter pliers

- A pin.  Attach it at the end if you want to wear your spider as a brooch.

And here you have a step by step photo tutorial.

Happy crafting!


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