Makenzie Stephens

How To Draw Roses

In this lesson, it is said how you can easily draw a rose branch with pencil.

Step 1. We draw the line of the stem. Then, draw a cup-looking like curve. Then, draw the buds.

Step 2. We draw the petal on the front.

We draw the petals on the sides and behind, erase the lines that are located on the outer petals.

Step 3. We draw greens under the bud, the stem and the leaves.

Step 4. We start making the hatching of the leaves. We make the hatching with separate lines. They should be directed the way the veins of the leaves are directed.

Hatch the leaves of the roses also according to the direction of the veins.

Step 5. Take a folded in halves paper with a sharp end, wadding, or a piece of a napkin and make your hatches on the petals and leaves less sharp and more blurred like. This way the tone will be one and the same.


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