Paper balloons for Christmas tree DIY with your kid!

Here’s an easy and quick way on how to make DIY colorful balloons for Christmas tree! It is so simply that definitely will interest your kid!

You should prepare: 3 sheets of colored paper of different colors, circle template, pencil and scissors.

Cut out 4 circles of each sheet of paper. As a result, you should have 12 circles. All circles must be the same size.

Circles needs to lay down in a certain order. For example, it should look like this: a couple of circles of blue, pink and then a couple of light blue circles. All circles should be folded in half.

In the middle of balloon fit a thread.

Fasten the middle of the ball by a stapler. Do this in two places.

Now divide all circles by three parts in equal size.

On top of one semicircle put a glue along the diagonal. Then glue the half-circle with the neighboring.

Do the same with the other semicircle.

That's the way you get a nice handmade balloon for your Christmas mood!


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