How to draw a rose step by step

If you want to have a picture of a rose but never done that thing, here’s a step by step instruction which shows how to make it. Your truly handmade masterpiece!

So here we go!

1. First do the sketch of roses using pencil: draw an oval bud and stem.

2. In the center of the oval draw petals, similar to a spiral.

3. Clearly draw each petal. Pay attention to all the twists and folds.

4. Make the required thickening, highlighting the main lines on the flower and the stem.

5. In the places of shadows draw shading. This will make it bigger and more realistic rose.

Our masterpiece is ready to try a colorful frame and decorate one of the walls of your room.

If you are not a beginner in drawing, and paper and pencil are your best friends, here’s a sophisticated version of a pencil drawing rose.

1. Draw a long arc - stem. Set an upper and lower boundaries of the bud, as well as its center.

2. Now draw the middle of a bud. It consists of a number of twisted leaves.

Gradually add other petals to the rose. Pay attention to geometric shapes.

3. Draw a stem and leaves.

4. It's time to add shadows and make our flower bigger.

5. Now lightly add penumbra with pencil. Note: petals that curl outwards must have a flare and become darker towards the edges.

6. Add some details for leaves.


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