Handmade bow tie for a boy

Summer time is full of festivals, open air events and is the happiest time during the childhood. Some of these events require the formal dress code. Some details of a wardrobe may be sewn on your own, like a handmade bow tie. Handmade gifts are especially pleasant. You can keep these as the pleasant memoirs for a long time. So I can’t wait to share with you a master class how to make the handmade bow. Enjoy the process of work, and be proud to present this handmade bow tie.

Most of the patterns will direct you on how to size the bow tie pattern. Better to use cotton blends.

You will need the following materials:

Threads and sewing machine;

Touch and close fastener - of 2 cm;

Ruler, Scissors;

A piece of soap (for drawing on fabric);

Any cotton fabric with a length of 55 cm, width 15 cm;

1 piece of nonwoven fabric 3x10 cm.


Firstly you should draw to pattern on the fabric.

Make the cuts of the following dimensions: 

2.5x4 cm,

3x15 cm;

2 pieces of cotton 3x10 cm

Put the cuts of 3*10 cm face to face and iron the non-woven fabric to the wrong side.

Stich three sides of the cuts, but leave the fourth side unstitched. Trim the edges and turn the workpiece from the unstitched side. Iron the workpieces and join them in the middle (to form a bow). Sew them with a zigzag stitch, it should be the rectangular detail.

Fold this rectangular detail in half, stepping the 0,5 cm from the center and make a stitch of 1 cm length.

Also, you need to sew the strap for the center of the bow. Take a cut of 2,5x4 cm, fold in half, sew and turn. Wrap the center of the bow with this strap and sew the edges by hand.

Take the cut of 3x15 cm and stitch it along. That will be the belt. Pass this belt through the strap which wraps the bow. Sew the touch and close fasteners to the edges of a bow.

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