DIY Frozen soap bubbles with your kid!

Everyone loves to play with soap bubbles! But have you ever seen a frozen bubble? It is fascinating! Children will be delighted by watching it! How to make them to freeze? It turns out it's not so difficult!

In order to freeze the bubble, you need to comply with several conditions.

1. Air temperature: about -3 -7.

2. Calm weather. Wind make bubbles burst, and it’s very difficult to keep them.

3. Snowflakes. You can use even one.

4. Also you can freeze a bubble if gently put it on the snow.

To do your own handmade frozen bubble it would be enough to dissolve shampoo or soap in water, add a small amount of pure glycerin and a plastic tube of a ballpoint pen. Bubbles easier to blow in a closed cold room, as almost always without wind. Large bubbles are blown easily with the help of a plastic funnel for transferring liquids.

How to make it with your kid

Blow out weak bladder on a cold. Wait until it burst. Repeat the experience in order to ensure that bubbles do not freeze, whatever their number was kept in the cold. Now prepare a snowflake. Blow a bubble and then pull a snowflake down on top of it. It will quickly slide down to the bottom of the bubble. On the spot where snowflake stood the crystallization of the film will start. Finally, the whole bubble will freeze. If you put a bubble in the snow - it also will freeze after a while.

It’s such a beauty! Hope you’ll like it!


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