DIY decorations to Valentine's Day!

St.Valentine's Day, the most romantic holiday of the year is already here! So, if you still don't have any special ideas about present - remember that the best present is that was made by your hands. Many-many variants of DIY presents to this date you can find on Abbigli. But my advise is even not to make a present, but to be a present! Yes, you can became the best present for your spouse by dedicating him or her your attention, giving your warmth and making something really pleasant.

For example, a special dinner!

But the dinner itself can't be just a present, you should put there some of your imagination and create an atmosphere!

Here's some pictures that surely will inspire you on some beautiful and sweet ideas how to decorate your home, or table for dinner, or bath, or bedroom :)

All you need is some color paper, glue and scissors, some roses and wreath. And of course, your feelings. Let them lead the way!


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