Decoupage of a can

This is a first time I am curious about handmade decoupage technique. I want to concentrate on something simple, and decoupage of a can is interesting for me this time.  But I love to personalize my favorite things with decoupage. Colorful of a can will be quite suitable for me.


A can (I took a can from coffee)

An acrylic paint of a bright color (depending on the color of the applied napkin fragment)

An acrylic paint of white color

A varnish for decoupage

An adhesive for decoupage

Three-layered napkin or rice paper

A piece of foam rubber or sponge

A brush

Time to start the work! Clean the can, and leave it to dry. After it becomes dry, paint it with the bright acrylic paint (I took a red one).

Cover the painted can with a varnish and leave it to dry. Now take a sponge with white paint and carefully cover the can. In few minutes we will see the cracks on a can. Now it is time to work with a pictures for decoupage. Take a napkin (rice paper), separate the top layer, and cut the fragment you need for decoupage. Cover this layer with the glue for decoupage. If you want it to look brighter, stick one more napkin (rice paper) above.

Below I list some tips how to choose the materials:

Use the water-based glue, you may use it both as glue and varnish. PVA glue is also good for decoupage,  it sticks to paper, fabric, wood and metal.

Sandpaper - it may be useful for sanding the varnish.

Craft knife - I prefer to use a sharp knife to prevent tearing of the paper.

Scissors - cutting out is an important process, so a sharp pair of scissors will help to cut the clean edges.

Previously I saw lots of fascinating things on handmade exhibitions, and now I am able to make something myself. This can from coffee can also serve as a pot for pencils. A creative person should have a creative workplace. Just to bring more beauty into our lives!

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