The bedside table in Provence style

Create the cute handmade décor of an old bedside table. An old element of furniture becomes exclusive after it is restored and decorated with the beautiful Provence decoupage. If you are a beginner, use a holistic cloth or paper, which perfectly lie on the furniture.


Bedside table



White acrylic paint (better take the matted one)

Decoupage glue

Three-layer napkins for decoupage (choose a pattern that corresponds to the Provence style, in this case, the tender lavender flowers).

Putty knife

Colorless matt lacquer


Firstly, you need to prepare the surface for work: to wash, degrease it with any alcohol solution and to remove the accessories.

Then apply one layer of the primer on the prepared surface, this will ensure good adhesion and protect the paint from decohesion. If you prefer to make the volume ornaments on a bedside table, you can make them yourself with a stencil, textural paste, and a spatula. When the ornaments dry out, gently polish them with the sandpaper. There will be the handmade ornaments, you do not need to search for something special in the shop.

Paint the sides of the bedside table in the gray color to make the effect of the old thing. You may add some black paint in a white acrylic paint, and you will get the gray one. But leave the table top white.

Now take the napkin, separate the two layers and stick them on the sides of a bed side table. It is more convenient to work using the broad brush, you can put some glue on top of the napkin. Then cover the surface with a colorless lacquer. Better take the matt lacquer, as it looks well with the shabby chic.

The next step is to cover the rest of the surface with a white acrylic paint and to sand them with the sandpaper. When you finish the work with the paint and acrylic lacquer, fasten the accessories - better take the accessories of the bronze color, as the look very cute with the old things.

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