Backless dress with your own hands

Open-back cocktail dresses look chic. If you wear them with high-heel shoes, it will be a stunning night look. If you chose the sportive dress model, it will be a cool girlish look. Backless dresses look good both with elegant shoes and with sneakers. Each of us wants to feel comfortable during the long walks, so you can just wear the dress with the sneakers.

Details of the cut:

The upper part of the shelf - 2 pieces;

The bottom of the shelf - 1 piece with a fold;

Back of the dress - 1 piece with fold;

Skirt - 2 pieces with a fold;

Back strap - 1 piece with fold;

Welt for the neckline and armholes - 2 parts;

Welt for the back part of the neck hole - 1 piece with fold


Stick the non-woven fabric to similar pieces of the main material.

Then you should start sewing the forepart. Sew the upper part of the forepart with the large stitches. Then gently pull the thread to get a neat pleat and sweep the pieces of a forepart.

Now sew these parts, sweep the allowances and iron them well. Leave the left side seam under the zipper, and sew the right one. Sweep the allowances and iron them well.

Sweep the middle seam of the strap, then sweep the armhole and neckline. Stitch the back strap and iron it. Fix the neckline flaps with the pins and sew them.

Then you should carefully cut the allowances in order to turn the welt out. Remove it.

Sew the side seams of the skirt, leaving the open area for the zipper.

Now you have to combine a skirt and a bodice. Lie the workpieces on the wrong side and combine the seams on the details. Sweep the details and stitch them. Sweep and iron the allowances and sew the zipper in the side seam.

Now you need to process the armhole sections. It is also necessary to make the incisions in the places of rounding and to iron them.

Also, you need to process the top of the back and the bottom of the skirt. Fold the bottom of a dress, fix it with pins and stitch on a sewing machine.

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