Dawn Brown

10 Signs You are a Creative Person

You’re a creative person, though you feel you are not!

You don’t need to have totally paint covered hands to prove you’re an artist. In fact, people who seem to be the most ordinary on the planet have the most creative and unusual thinking among others. Check out this list of characteristics to find those creative traits in yourself and be sure.

1. You’re responsibly irresponsible.

It doesn’t mean you’re immature, but your mind is free and fantasy is strong enough to take chances when it’s needed. This can be expressed in buying your first home or car, sending in a job application for a position you’re under qualified for but really want, or inviting your friends for a dinner you when you don’t have a ton of money. Creativity takes risks.

2. You understand the difference between imagination and reality.

Sometimes you entertain yourself imagining the ideal world it should be…

Then you wake up and go to do your daily routine. Being creative doesn’t mean to lose the reality. Creativity makes us put the ideas into action even walking by small steps to our aim. So go on balancing between real and perfect, as you do this really fine.

3. Your heart’s on your sleeve and your soul’s on your forehead.

They say that creative people are very open with their emotions. You are not unlike this. You don’t hide your negative or positive impressions, because you just can’t. You are not afraid of your emotions and always can share them with people around.

4. You can admit it’s not your best work, but you’ll never say it’s awful.

You’ve got an adequate acceptance of your work. You remember that everything made by you was created by someone in the world earlier. But it doesn’t make you stop; it can’t make you stop. Creativity always improves.

5. You observe everything. Eve-ry-thing.

Your brain is a steel trap and your conscious is a straightjacket. You like lots of details, and even more you can remember. You skills are almost unique, and everyone appreciate you for this.

6. You don’t wait for opportunities, you create it.

Sometimes you’re stuck in the routine, but never for long. Feeling bored you start searching for new impressions, people, experiences and emotions. Perhaps you even can’t do the same work in the same company longer than 3 months4 then start looking for new opportunities. Creativity varies!

7. You “fail forward”.

Your failure is not a stop. You always try to learn, understand the mistake and get the proper experience. You try again and again, moving forward through rises and falls. Creative people don’t let their downfalls get the best of them.

8. Your risk is worth your rewards.

Your actions and plans are easily justifiable because they are normally in accordance to what you believe in. You get used to risk and always know for what. Generally, creating is a risk itself.

9. You immerse yourself in beauty and talent.

You surround yourself with the things you love and think to be amazing, Sense of beauty is in your blood. Though others may consider it strange, your beauty is always with you in every small detail of your reality. You stay true to what you’re about.

10. You chase dreams and live your passions.

No matter how many benefits you’re getting from your work. Creating is a passion, so you’re just moving in a stream of inspiration without thinking about benefits and bonuses. The only thing matters: “I’m doing this”


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