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How to measure chest size men?

Very often women buy clothes for men, don’t they? And for this, of course, men must go shopping with women. Although many of them don’t like such occupation.  Since buying clothes without trying it is very complicated and sometimes impossible task for women. However, it's often the case that a woman wants to make a gift to her husband. And for this, she needs to know the size of his body parts. It's a good thing that not all men have an ideal figure in classical performance.

In such a situation, a woman should know how to correctly measure all parts of the body, both: her own and men's. And in particular, the main role here is played by the chest of a man. Indeed, women often choose sweatshirts or shirts as a present for their husbands by the chest size. So if you do not know how to measure chest, then this article will help you to do it right.

How to start the process of measurements?

In order for clothing to always fit and be a good and correct part of a man's wardrobe, it is necessary to know body sizes. Of course, if you have familiar tailors or people who easily measure you, you can turn to them, but after spending only five minutes of your time, you can do it at home.

So, what do we need for the right chest measurement? This is a centimeter or other dimensional tape, a belt, in fact, you and the person you wish to measure.

Measurement should be carried out with a minimum of clothes not too tightening and not too releasing the dimensional tape, and record the measured result.

Immediately I will stipulate that the most important parameters that are required are chest size measurement, waist, the length of the product (or growth) and the length of the sleeve and hips. If you have a standard figure and no features you would like to specify, then these options will be enough.

  1. The girth of the breast is determined with a centimeter tape, positioning it along the most convex points of the shoulder blades and chest.

  2. The front of the centimeter band runs along the most convex points of the chest, on the side - under the muscular cavities, on the back - not much higher.

  3. The “centimeter” must pass on the shoulder blades; hold it slightly in the front.

  4. The basic thing is that the tape is located strictly horizontally.

  5. This determines the size of the garment. Centimeter tape is tight enough.

  6. The men’s chest measurement is measured in the standing position.

How about other parts of the body?

  1. The girth of hips is determined by the most protruding parts of the buttocks and lower abdomen.

  2. Back width is measured horizontally on the back, on the most protruding part of the shoulder blades from one armpit to the other.

  3. The length of the shoulder is measured from the connecting point of the shoulder with the neck to the shoulder joint bone with the hand.

  4. The sleeve is measured by hand bent in the elbow. From the bone joining the hands with the shoulder, along with the elbow to the wrists line.

  5. Hand girth is measured horizontally, around the widest part of the hand.

  6. The girth of the wrist is measured around the thinnest it’s part.

  7. Growth is determined in full height from the highest point of the head to the floor.

When you do this task (size determination), the tape should not tightly apply to the body; you always need to leave 2 centimeters in stock. The results of the measurement must be recorded. Knowing the size of a man you can easily buy any clothes, but first, you should look in the table of sizes, which shows what parameters (based on measuring chest size and other figure sizes), correspond to your husband.

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