DIY clock "Paris dreams"

This gentle technique is able to brighten and transform any object. Figure lace can be refined and fancy and can be "easy" to support country-style. It's your handmade work, you choose :)

For the work we need: decoupage map A3 «Paris dreams» or similar, MDF circle D=30 cm, clock mechanism, arrows, acrylic paint, stain water, glue for decoupage, contoured acrylic paint, acrylic varnish.

First cut an image in a circle form and mark the center.
Piece soaked in water for 2-3 minutes at room temperature.

Stick it using glue and file. Scheme: glue - card - glue. Cast out roller and then brush all air bubbles. Note that the picture should be strictly in the middle.

Cover everything with 3 coats of acrylic varnish, dry them.

To draw some details we need a palette of several shades of acrylic paint: white, blue, green, yellow. By mixing colors finish your motive till it'll get "roundness".

Point mark - the basis for future napkins.

Now begin to draw our lace. With the contour line and at equal distances from one another set point and connect as shown in the photo.

In the same way draw the second row.
Diluted white paint with water and brush a thin layer of lace to fill the color. The layer of paint must be translucent. Wait for complete drying result and see if the paint was completely transparent, add another layer.
Turn imagination and add patterns, fill the spaces. Begin to draw napkin folds. Fractional points draw our napkin as shown in the photo.
When the main decoration is ready, here's a time for clock.
Make the hole in correct diameter, set clock mechanism and paint arrows point list.
The clock is ready!


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