Keep calm and paint your dream

I have always dreamt to learn how to draw.When I was a little girl I saw some of my friends drawing awesome pictures without making any efforts. They seemed to be magicians to me as a couple of minutes was enough for them to draw a cute cartoon character that was looking at us with its eyes ready to come out of the picture so the only thing I could do is to be jealous as it was impossible for me to create something even half as nice as they did even though instructions of how to draw all those amazing creatures were given to me in plenty. I virtually had how to draw lessons step by step. They knew how to draw long eared bunnies, pink horses, faries and exotic flowers that seemed to be perfection for my little mind. But myself I was just an admirer of their talent.

As I was getting older I totally forgot about my childhood dream of being a drawer but a while ago It has reappeared. It happened when I saw my little students drawing their Christmas presents (the task I asked them to do in order to make our lessons more interesting) and again I saw little children drawing cartoon creatures and exotic flowers so perfectly as if they did the course «how to draw step by step for kids». As I found out later some of them really attended art classes and knew how to draw and paint really well. They were taught how to draw buildings, animals, people, cars and landscapes. They knew how to draw practically everything. That inspired me a lot to go on with my childhood dream and I started to look through websites how to draw and how to draw apps hoping to find something like «easy how to draw tutorial for beginners» as I have decided that the easiest way to start doing this is to learn how draw something easy step by step. I even looked through some how to draw DVD's. After a carefull examining of tonns of materials I found an amazing online how to draw step by step tutorial called «how to draw and paint». It was a real blessing to me as this site contains all sorts of materials starting from the very basics say how to draw a face step by step lessons to advanced how to draw a potrtrait ones. Even people like me with no drawing skills can pick up pieces of information which is given in a very easy to understand way. The other important thing is that you can choose of all sorts of subjects you like. Anything from how to draw bubbly letters to how to draw a landscape tutorials are available so you can reveal your art skills further and further up untill you reach perfection. I have been doing it for about 6 month and it is safe to say that I finally found the way to make my dream come true.

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