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Bronze Owl Necklace/Steampunk Bronze Owl Necklace/Owl Necklace/Druid Necklace/Nature Owl Necklace/Boho Owl Necklace/Ruby Owl Necklace

Bronze Antique Red Jeweled Owl Necklace This owl has faceted red jewels cover the body of the owl. Both the owl and the necklace chain is antique bronze. The necklace chain measures 14- 16 inches with chain and extender. The Owls have beautiful black jewels for eyes. The feathers are red jewels and shine in the light. Hypo allergenic. Made for those with metal allergies. Safe for giving when you don't really know if they have a metal allergy. May these owl protect you. This is perfect for your special someone or for yourself.
$ 23.1
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