Tweens Tween age is one of the most unpredictable as these young people have already come out of the category of kids but are still not teenagers. That is why they are not easy to please when it comes to gifts for tweens. These presents should meet a variety of requirements. They should be up-to-date, fashionable, correspond with his or her interests, be practical and often possessed by others. Parents sometimes are out of their depth so it is important to be aware of the trendy tween gift ideas to make the right choice. If you need to buy tween gifts, think twice not to be mistaken. There are a lot of variants to consider. Girls would be happy to get cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, fashionable clothes, different accessories or modern gadgets. The latter gift will be appreciated by tween boys too as there is hardly any young gentlemen who would not like to have a mobile phone, tablet, smart watch or electric board, but you can also choose him some equipment for sports activities, computer games, exciting book etc.