The recipient Oh, it’s so nice when it’s someone’s birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or any other holiday or event. The best thing of all is when you see the happy face of the recipient of the present. I bet, everyone enjoys seeing happy faces of kids when they wake up in the morning and find a lot of wrapped presents under the Christmas tree. Or when you surprise your beloved on St. Valentine’s Day and see those little sparkles in his/her eyes. When your parents are recipients, I guess, every person wants to get something special and unique because, in this way, you want to thank them for everything they did for you- and they really deserve it! Seeing happy couples on their wedding day means that you did their day and made them happy with your present and presence. Most of the people have pets and hobbies. You know what!? Even pets can look happy because they are also living creatures and express their emotions in their own way. And it’s nice to know when someone cares about your interests and hobbies and gives you appropriate presents. Remember that even the small present can make the person extremely happy.