What to give for the hosts of a modern apartment? There are folk signs of presents for the housewarming. It has long been thought that guests coming to the new home should give a utensil for food, cut off linen and bread with salt. It will be appropriate to give a cat, dog, chicken or cock figure - these animals were considered guards of a home hearth. So, it's time to think about the question of what to hand. Before you buy housewarming gifts, you need to compare your financial capabilities, and do not fear to ask the hosts what they need. An important point: if the people recently had a wedding, they probably got both dishes and bed linen, and many other useful things. Ideally, if the owners make a list of items that they can give them and each guest will bring something from the list. If the answer to the question "what to present on housewarming?" Is not located, it is worth dwelling on a practical gift.