Mary Lovehandmade

StrongholdMom Handmade Market

San Diego, United States of America
We are waiting for you at the Handmade event. Here all will do different handicrafts; even children will be able to learn interesting things. We offer communication, information exchange, different stories and facts, drinks and entertainment even for the youngest guests. Here you can get acquainted with the products of different manufacturers and learn how handwork creates unique objects, things, ornaments or decorations. You want to become a participant, then learn that paying $ 100 is: 1. Place of the participant (can take your tables). 2. Several high-quality photographs with handmade products. 3. Video presentation of your product or thing. 4. Support in the Facebook page so that you can make your sales more in demand. Join us for a Handmade event! pin The Stronghold 2176 Chatsworth Blvd ticet


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