Charlotte Chase

Artfest Spokane

Spokane, United States of America
In 2016 the Northwest Museum is celebrating our 31st annual ArtFest, an arts festival held in Spokane’s historic Browne’s Addition neighborhood. ArtFest is a marketplace on the threshold of summer, a gathering place for friends and families, a celebration of art in a neighborhood park. This annual festival of music, food, and art is the highlight of seasonal change in Spokane. In 2016 we celebrate two anniversaries; our 31st ArtFest and the 100th anniversary of the Eastern Washington State Historical Society. ArtFest is a great place to buy handcrafted works in glass, clay, leather, wood, metal and fiber directly from the artists. Create your own special art in our Make it Art KidsFair, and enjoy old favorites and new additions to our food selections. However you spend your time at ArtFest, plan to join in the celebration of art, creativity, and friendship. When: June 3 - 5 Where: Spokane, Washington, West 4th Avenue


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