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Sailor Mars Star Earrings/Sailor Mars Costume/Raye Hino/Rei Cosplay/Red Star Charm Earrings/Geeky Gift/Sailor moon Jewelry/Sailor Senshi

Beautiful handmade red star earrings wire wrapped Sailor Mars Earrings. The stars are red turquoise. These were an inspired handmade creation from the hit Tv Show, and Manga Sailor Moon. My inspiration come from later in the series when the girls get stars on their uniforms and earrings during their upgraded transformation forms. Great piece for any event, wedding, cosplay, costume, or renaissance play. Hypo allergenic. Made for those with metal allergies. Safe for giving when you don't really know if they have a metal allergy. I hope you'll like these as much as I love them. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for looking!
$ 20.1
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