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Ruby Tree-Of-Life Sculpture

Oh this little thing? This tree is the start of a new line of trees, the tree minis! Really want a gemstone tree but all of them are too big for your smal cubical or desk space? Then this is perfect for you. Not only are the conviently small, tiny things are so cute! This would even be perfect for your unique doll house. What makes this tree so extra cool though? Well, easy answer. It's made with real ruby's and tourmaline inside of quartz! Is that worth 65? Absolutely, and let me tell you why. Ruby is one of the traditional cardinal gemstones, next to emerald, diamond, and saphire. It gets its amazing florescent color from chromium. Oh yeah, real ruby's glow a vibrant red under blacklight. Perfect for your center piece eye catcher. I mean, does it really get any cooler than a glowing red tree? Surprisingly, yeah. I mean this cool little tree is also sitting on top of a rare piece of tourmaline trapped inside of a chunk of quartz. Rare? Really? Yes! It's crazy rare to find this formation. This little tree is packed with genuine stone formations that each are unique and rare to find. Check it on https://www.etsy.com/listing/539601028/tree-of-life-sculpture-wire-tree
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