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Nightlight "London bus"

Who has not dreamed of visiting London, a city shrouded in mist and legends! One of these legends is a famous London Double-Decker Bus. Its easy to recognize design and bright red colour inspired us to create this original nightlight. Its design and size allow to put a lamp either on a large surface, or on a narrow shelves or even on the wall. The nightlight is made of birch plywood, and is decorated with water-resistant stain. There are LED ribbons as a light source that almost do no heat and consume only 1.5 watts. The nightlight perfectly fits any interior and can be a wonderful gift. You can also order special stickers for "ad space" on the bus. They can be photos, greetings, or pictures with your favourite musicians. The production cost of stickers is negotiated individually. Dimensions: length 20 cm, width 4.5 cm, height 13.5 cm. Dimensions (including a stand): length 20 cm, width 10 cm, height 14.5 cm. Care instructions: vacuum-clean, wipe with a dry cloth.
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