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Enamoured cat knitted toy

Soft knitted toy is not only a perfect gift it is also a unique room accessory. Psychologists say that toys are the powerful tools for the world learning and for improving visual and creative thinking. Advantages of the knitted toy : 1.This toy is made of 100% ecologically friendly and non-allergenic raw materials. 1.Игрушка, изготовленная из экологически чистого сырья, не вызывает аллергических реакций. 2. A Perfect tool for the creative thinking development. 3. The surface of the knitted toy has the ribby structure, which performs a soft massage of a child's fingers. Thus improves his tactile sensitivity. 4. The mix of cotton, woolen and viscose threads provides different tactile feelings and the child can train his skills. 5. The toy is very plastic and comparing to the most other toys it can take any kind shape This shy gentleman cat is seeking for a home. It may be a perfect present not only for a child and for an adult too. Whether it be a love confession, birthday, Valentine's day or wedding anniversary. It will be a perfect addition to the house interior. Size: 25-26 cm Materials:cotton, filled with the plastic foam
$ 11.41
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