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Resin Abstract Painting 12x17 Method Dirty Pour Medium Alcohol Inks, Pigments, Acrylics, Gold Flakes and Resin What do you see in this painting I see a dino! This is a dirty pour resin painting on high quality canvas. the sides are painted a green blue to match the painting. Its ready to hang in any position you want. The effect you see has been achieved by multiply layers of varies paints inks and pigments. When it dries I apply a thick coating of resin to protect it from fading peeling uv rays ect. When the resin dries the painting is smooth to touch like glass and even. Comes with 4 swag teeth hangers so you may hang it any way your heart desires. It is impossible for me to recreate these paintings due to the method I use. How to take care of me? _______________________________ Regular window cleaner or Clorox wipes plain old water and a paper towel works great too! What is Resin -------------------------------------- Resin is very strong its basically the same stuff that goes on boats to make them all shiny and resilient to water rot! Its also used on cars to make them shine! How its done? 🎨 The actual processes of making my paintings includes mixing various acrylic paints,fluid paints,pigments,inks and sometimes metallic flakes into resin. I then carefully layer the colors on top of each other and pour it over my canvas or wood. When my surface is covered I use a blow torch to move and unlayer the different paints to create the effect you see. Keep in mind I literally only have 15 minutes to work with! If you have any questions about this method feel free to ask. As always when using a medium like resin you must we Im an artist When you buy from me you are buying 100s of hours and failed experiments. You are buying A piece of my heart and Soul, a moment in my Life Resin Painting /Dirty Pour / Abstract Painting/Dinosaur/ Boys Decor/On Sale/Birthday Gifts/House warming Gifts/Back to School/Halloween
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