Site registration
You can use your mobile no. and/or your Facebook or Google account to register on the site. Site registration and setting up an account are free.
How Abbigli works.

1.1 Our creative community helps all those interested in using the site to set up and register an account for free, and then to design and create their own creative space.

1.2 It is our job to promote a means of communication for both creators and connoiseurs alike across the spectrum of everything that is beautiful. - The site is easy to use and has been designed to attract new followers of your talent, and to develop your creativity. - Space on the site is free: there aren't any hidden or up-front costs and there are no restrictions on the number of items you choose to post on the site. You also have your own personal base of targeted followers. - We promote your designs and creativity free of charge and also give you the chance to source other like-minded people and partners with the GEO label. - Communicate with people who like your work, expand your influence and increase the number of people who know about you and what you do!

1.3 Create your very own BRAND.

1.4 Add as many items as you like every day, publish blogs and organise events. Invite friends to 'like' your space and you will always be popular on the site.

1.5 All you need to do is: – Post your products and designs, or your ideas and the services you offer on Abbigli and then respond to any e-mails you receive; - Your clients can find you using hashtags – don't forget to use as many hashtags as possible when posting your product; - Make the most of Abbigli's advertising potential! - Use Abbigli yourself and share Abbigli's potential with your friends!

1.6. With one 'like', bring together your amazing collection, purchase items you like and participate in creative events! - Become a supporter of both talent and designers, whose work interests you; - The site is for people who are passionate about other people's creativity; - Source the items and products or events that you require, using #‎хэштеговыйпоиск‬‬‬‬‬‬ searchbyhashtags - Puchase the items you like; - Find out about interesting events and go to them; - Direct access to designers – buy directly from them, commission-free; - Subscribe to your favourite designer's page and follow their creations; - You can transform your hobby into a business by creating and writing your own page.

1.7. Photos, audio, videos and text can all be uploaded into the blogging space. Users can opt to subscribe to the various blogs of artists, musicians, designers, scientists, thinkers, and other creative people. Blogs are visible in the general search space and also in the separate BLOGS section. Blogs can be accessed using tags.

Your profile

3.1. Complete the field with your name, or the name of your shop/business. Describe your design, product or idea as fully as possible. Complete the address field. This will enhance your page's popularity in terms of the GEO symbol amongst your clients, like-minded fans of your page and potential partners. Insert links to your social webpages. Indicate your contact details. This will enhance others' sense of trust in you and will make it easier and quicker for potential clients to contact you.

3.2. Select photographs that depict both you and your designs or product from the very best perspective. Creative, interesting and original photographs always attract the most interest and have the most impact. - The rectangular block section on the left-hand side of the page header is ideal for posting information regarding promotions, draws and sales offers. The ideal photo size for this section is 280x340px. - The round section in the page header is ideal for uploading a photograph of yourself. This photograph loads automatically onto all the pages on the site on which you are active. The ideal photograph size for this is 120x120px. - The rectangular background or wallpaper section of the page forms part of the site's integral design features. Select a wall paper that goes with your page. Set the required mood and tone for your page!


7.1. How do you send messages? A message stream starts by sending a message using the 'I WANT' button, or from a user's post, or by using the 'SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE' function from the user's profile page.7.2. How can you see messages that you have received? On your personal profile page, go into 'MESSAGES'. A list of contacts will drop down on the left-hand side and clicking on the message in the right-hand window will open up the conversation with this contact. If the message was sent using the 'I WANT' button, then the message will contain a photo of the post. If the message was sent using the 'send a private message' function, then the message stream will appear in the right-hand window.

Uploading a post

4.1. On Abbigli, there are three types of post: - Product and/or services: this type of post suggests that the poster is interested in selling something; the description field should be completed and a photograph of the product (service) should be uploaded; - Blog – this type of post suggests that the poster wants to publish information in the form of either a personal and/or corporate blog, using the text editor function. The description field for the blog should be completed and a blog photo should be uploaded. - An event – this type of post suggests that the poster wants to publish information about a creative event, meeting, fair or exhibition etc. The description field should be completed and a photograph uploaded.

4.2. Upload only good photographs: good photographs improve your chances of success and display your designs and/or product in the best possible way. Please use photographs no less than 640x480px. Post photos which emphasize the best aspects of your work. How to generate interest: choose good angles, models and light. Take the following pieces of advice from us: Post several photographs. Even photographs made using a mobile phone are OK. Please use photographs no les than 640x480px Be creative: remove any items that may overshadow the shoot and carefully select your background for the photograph. Take the photograph during daylight hours. Ensure that your photos are colourful. Think about and highlight the unique features of your design or product.

The 'I want' button
Should you 'like' a product, item or service that a user on the site is proposing, you can send a private message to them and discuss purchasing the item with them directly. When you press the 'I WANT' button, you can write your message and discuss purchasing the item in the form window that then opens up. On your personal profile page, when you open 'Messages', you will be able to view your message, a photo of the post and the name of the other user in question.
Create your own selction of 'Favourites', so that you don't lose posts that you have liked. Click on 'LIKE' and the post will appear in your 'Favourites' section. You can gather amazing collections with one click of the 'like' button, purchase items you like and participate in creative events, as well as read blogs that have been stored in your 'Favourites' section.
When making a post, it is VITAL that you remember to complete the TAGS field. TAGS are words that capture the very ESSENCE of your design, product or creation. Using the tag search functon, your clients can find you using your selected tags, therefore don't forget to describe your creation with as many tags as you can think of. You should give a description about the nature of your post in as much detail as possible. A tag that is made up of several words should be written without spaces. When using a tag that is made up of several words, then the underscore symbol '_' can be used to define the words. The underscore symbol should not be confused with the hyphen symbol: '-'.
News Feed
Learn about new items and products from Your Followers list and get updates in your news feed stream. The 'Follow' button will allow you to follow a user on the site and view and new posts they may make. A list of followers will then be created and you will receive updates in your news feed stream.
Deleting your account.
Should you wish to delete your account, please write to us in the support team.