Which ought to be a presentation for betrothal from the relatives or guests? Not only a marriage but betrothal - a significant moment for lovers, because on this day the young people announces to all relatives that they’ve resolved to tie with the bands of Hymenya and live their lives together. Ideas of gifts on engagement: The momentous present for engagement on this day is the ring. The bride must remember that such a decoration ought to have a brilliant. Engagement presents have to be suitable, that will be, in the future, used by a young family in everyday life. For example, the nice gift can be dishes, towels, bed linen. The needed things- if they are going to live in their own apartment- glasses, tea or coffee sets. Some home décor items like vases, beautiful paintings, decorative pillows would be an awesome decision. If you are a close friend of a lover and have a good imagination, bring up some unusual engagement gifts - for example, a pair of t-shirts with inscriptions. They might be happy to get Mr. and Mrs. bathrobes or slippers. On such event, you’ll be able to decorate a magnificent bouquet with chocolate candies, which is easy to do on your own.