1st Birthday


IS IDEAS: WHAT TO BUY A CHILD FOR 1YEAR? The wedding, the birth of a child, the baptism and, finally, the first birthday. An exciting and long-awaited event. We will simplify the tasks for parents. Ideas of gifts for first birthday But what really will please a kid is, of course, first birthday gifts. About them, you need to think in advance, because a gift for the first birthday should be not only interesting but also useful, to be exciting and safe. If not all guests know about the interests of one-year- olds, you can tell them what gift to give. - Little birthday boy or girl only tries to take the first steps or confidently stomp? Machine- Tolocar comes to his liking. - Classic cubes do not lose their popularity: the first year is trying to build the first small towers, twist cubes of different sizes, shapes and colours.