70th birthday


Gifts for old - select worthy surprises Choosing a decent, relevant gift for the 70 th birthday can put anyone in a deadlock. It's much easier for a young man to choose a birthday surprise - but for 70 you cannot give anything. To purchase a gift for 70 th birthday ought to be serious and in no hurry... - The main factor is a solid age, which does not provide fun, original gifts for 70 th birthday, stylish fashionable gadgets and more. A man of this age needs a gift that will be needed for him but does not offend a hint of his grey hair and poor health. He should not be boring and banal, but too original cannot be too much. - A very worthy memorable gift for the 70 th birthday is a family book. This magnificent album retains not only heart-rich photographs of the whole family, collected for many decades but memories, pedigree information, memorable dates and places.