What to purchase to the baptism? The momentous and unforgettable event for anybody is baptism. It can be compared with touching the holy spirit. And the baby, which is the main in this, only begins its spiritual path. For those who have never been Godparents, there is a large number of questions: "What to do?", "How to behave yourself?" So, what is the gift for the baptism? A Godmother should buy a sacrum. Also, a mother-in-law must give a shirt and a nice cap. The Godfather also has his duties. He must buy a baptismal cross and a chain. Another good present for the baptism is to donate a silver spoon. This spoon will become the first dining device from which the baby will be fed. But truly a spiritual gift for the baptism can be considered a personal icon. Also, gifts can include the children's Bible and any other spiritual books. Get the warm beautiful knitted plaid with angels. Statues of saint, angels and the prayer book could be great presents as well. It can be even the beautiful handmade card with nice warm words.