Apology Every person, from time to time, has the situation when understands that said or did something wrong, and at the same time offended another person. And in such situation, you have to apologize to renew your good relationship. And now we will talk how to do this in the right way. If you don’t have enough strength to do this on your own with words, you can write the letter or send the “I am sorry” card. It’s very difficult for everyone to recognize they were mistaken. But try to think what you can say and how you are going to act. If you know about something the person you hurt wanted to have, then you can apologize with the small apology presents. But remember she/he won’t forgive you right away because you get the present. In any case, it’s always better to ask for forgiveness, because you will feel bed inside. So, it’s better to make amends than not to do this. And remember that only the stout of heart person can do such a step.