first anniversary


The nice birthday: what to purchase for 1 year? The birthday of a child is a beautiful, trembling event. It is very significant not so much for children as for his mom and dad. It's a holiday when relatives should emphasize that baby have already grown enormously. What present on the first anniversary can you make? Probably, you agree that a gift the first anniversary should be either useful, or develop, or unforgettable. Let's take a closer look. 1. A useful gift for the first anniversary may be toys for the bathroom. 2. Bright comfortable plates, forks and even knives will surely draw the attentiveness of the child and help mom feed even not very eager baby eating. 3. A variety of rollers on rods and rods. 4. Electronic educational posters with sound effects. 5. You can give a variety of musical toys. 6. Of course, a big car will be remembered for the child, which can be seated by yourself.