PopUp Dinner LA

Los Angeles, United States of America
Get ready to one of the gratest handmade events - The PopUp Dinner in Los Angeles, California! If you are DIY lover, professional handmader or just a begginer our gathering is just for you. Bring your family and friends together at one table. Don't forget your tablecloth as you be the one who is setting up the table. The cool part of the dinner is a secret location. The event organizators will reveal the location just two hours before the dinner starts. We are inviting everyone to come and set up the place at 5pm and the dinner starts at 7pm and will continue till 10pm. The entertainment and music is just amazing! Remember that you need to be 21+ to participate and are obliged to bring an ID with you. The cost of the ticket is $35 per person. Bring your own food and decorations together with the company. Tables and chairs are provided. Dresscode - all white! We are waiting to dine with you!! ♥ For more information visit


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