Mary Lovehandmade

Kokedama ~ Japanese Hanging Garden

Dallas, United States of America
Have you ever dreamed about learning the Japanese Kokedama? Now you have this opportunity! Kokedama is interesting Japanese art, a kind of bonsai, but the roots here are wrapped in moss. The root system binds and turns into a beautiful form. This art has a philosophical meaning - it tells us about the life, its transience and that any even incredible beauty dies with time. If you disassemble this name, then 'koke' it is moss and word 'dama' is a ball. This art can be compared with another one - Wabi-sabi. Here, we can say that Kokedama reflects the basic aim of Wabi-Sabi. Thus, a person can see the imperfections and defects of the surrounding nature and even the surrounding world. Where - TreeHouse, 8021 Walnut Hill Ln., Даллас 75231


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