Holiday show of hands – Chicago

Chicago, United States of America
Founded in the summer of 2013 by Chicago-based design company, OrangeBeautiful, SHOW of HANDS was created to be more than just another craft show. It's a commitment to independent design. It's the presentation of high-caliber work in a professional way. It's the understanding that craft can be couture and handmade can be high-end. The overarching goal of SHOW of HANDS is to fill a void in the world of art fairs, handmade marketplaces and craft shows. OrangeBeautiful plays the role of curator, organizer, promoter in its execution of this professional and highly-anticipated event. WHY ON EARTH ARE WE DOING THIS? After participating in numerous craft fairs and trade shows over the past 10+ years, OrangeBeautiful's owner, Emily Hamma Martin finally turned her dreams of hosting her own show into reality. Now, nearing the end of its 3rd year, SHOW of HANDS has grown from a tiny seed of an idea to a highly-anticipated event where some of the most talented, innovative + hard-working designers from in and around the Chicago area will be selling their work. With each show, we are focused on promoting, encouraging & supporting independent designers by showcasing their work in a high-end, professional setting... and on a large scale: Our very first show in 2013 brought in 3,000+ shoppers, while our most-recent Holiday Show had an attendance of nearly 6,000 people in 2 1/2 days!


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