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Creative Arts Competition

Date: 21 October 2017 - 6 November 2017
Carolina Beach, United States of America
Great opportunity for every handmade lover! Don't miss a chance to show off your talents for Creative Arts Division! The Coastal Carolina Fair provides a competition which will be going from October, 21st to November, 6th. Eligible: Residents of the South Carolina Low Country. Age categories for divisions are as follows, unless otherwise specified in the rules: Youth (ages 18 and under) Adult (ages 19-59) Senior (ages 60- 79) Senior + (ages 80 and above). All age categories are judged separately. Entrants must identify themselves as an Amateur or Professional. Group participation, defined as more than one person working on a project, is also welcome. Each area will be judged separately. All information must be disclosed upon entry. This will be really fun, so why miss it?